BVI Adventures
Sea & Land Adventure Sports offers a wide variety of land activities. All our equipment is well maintained. Our trained staff will assist with any type of equipment you choose to rent. From Mountain bikes to ATV’s (All terrain vehicles) we have the equipment that makes your experience in the British Virgin Islands fun and exciting.
  Rally 200cc ATV
Rally ATV’s are great for exploring the mountainous terrain of JVD. The units allow you to explore areas that are off the beaten path. From the mountains a panoramic view of the US & British Virgin Islands can be seen. Discover a church in Great Harbor that was built in 1925, and visit the plantation of William Thornton, the architect of the US Capitol Building. The ATV units are fully automatic and easy to operate by the whole family.

  Trek Mountain Bikes
Trek mountain bikes are a great way to stay fit while exploring the island. The units are designed for on and off road use, which makes them ideal for the varying terrain of JVD. They can be used for recreational purposes or by the serious bike enthusiast who wants to test the challenging hills of JVD.
  Volley Ball
Beach Volley is a great way for small groups and families to have fun while on the beach. We have one volleyball net set up on the beach and one in the water. Take your pick and then choose your team.